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Lady in the Wilderness – Recommendations on How to Camp by Yourself.

An outdoor event is a graceful way of gaining quality adventure. More so, when you travel alone. Being along, you will have a tranquil environment for thinking.

However, for a lady, solo camping is discouraged by many. A majority of individuals fail to understand how a lady will face the wilderness unaccompanied. In fact for many you’d rather find a man to protect you. However to some, solo female camping is regarded as a novelty, only when you are planning to be in the extravagance of a hotel. But then, if you speak of camping at an outdoor space, then you will be met with much disapproval than you can imagine. And you will note that most of these arguments are irrational. For instance, even the most masculine man, will still struggle to overpower the bear. Nonetheless, not all of the arguments are to be ignored. And some are analyzed below.

to begin, you will be insecure. Though the bear argument may not make sense. It is important to take significant consideration for your security. The fact of the matter is that when you are staying in a hotel or an inn, your safety is somehow guaranteed. This is for the safety measures put in place to secure guests. And this safety will not be guaranteed when you are in solo outdoor camping. You may become vulnerable to wildlife or even opportunists who may want to take advantage of a lady who seems to be alone. In this case, ensure that your family is aware of all your progress. Another thing, make friends with the locals and camp close to the locals and houses.

Another challenge that you will face is getting to carry everything alone. This is something that you will get to hear when planning your camping event. Though, this has nothing to do with physical strength, it is important to note that carrying all the camping gear may require more than one individual, regardless of being male or female. And you will note that, dealing with this, some people will avoid carrying other equipment ending up jeopardizing their safety and fun during the camping activity. It is then advisable that you pick the lightweight gear other than not carrying at all. You may, for example, pick a fold-able one person tent that is easy to carry. Likewise, a portable gazebo, will make the best option as it is light and viable. Whatever you pick, weigh everything to be sure that you can handle it.

You will also be told that you will get lost in the wilderness at night. This is because at night it is not possible to keep track of the map. This is even dangerous when it is cold. For quality protection, sleep at night.