The Story and Legend of Mount Bromo

Quite a long time ago, there lived beautiful lady by the name of Roro Anteng. She was a famous beauty and attracted the attention of the evil giant. Since the wicked giant possessed outstanding Magical powers, Roro Anteng dared not reject the giant’s improvements when he suggested to her. Roro thought about the plan to get out of the union without offending the giant. To get her hand in marriage, the giant had to fufill her wishes. Roro then concocted a challenging petition hoping that the giant didn’t possess the power to fufill it.

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She’d asked him to make her sandy desert between the hills at one night and before the break of dawn. Sadly for her, the giant and swiftly start to work his powers and was close completing her wishes. The fast thinking Roro Anteng rapidly thought of a concept to interrupt the completion, she made all kinds noises that have awakened the cocks. The roosters started to crow bring sunrise in. On hearing the rooster’s calls, which signalled the break of dawn, the giant was shocked for having neglected his task. He threw the coconut shell he was able to dig the desert, a conch dropped to the floor beside Legend of Mount Bromo, forming what’s now knows as Mount Batok.

The sandy plain was to make the Tengger caldera. The story carries on with Roro Anteng falling in love with Joko Seger, a descendant of the great Majapahit Kingdom who’d led a reclusive life on a deserted mountain range. They have been married, living thankfully blessed with lots of kids. Their kids and their descendants formed the tribal community of the Tengger. This was a story of how a Tenggerese tribe came to be and how they lived the lands.